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Dameron Hospital cares deeply about the community it serves. We have several programs that offer training and academic support to Stockton's wider health care and health studies community.

Young Scrubs
Our Young Scrubs program introduces children and young adults to the hospital setting and the possibility of healthcare service.

Nurse Scholarship Program

Dameron has a deep commitment to our staff. Education is highly valued and we encourage it at every level. Employees of Dameron Hospital contribute to the Dameron Healthcare Scholarship Fund each pay-period. Due to the generosity of our employees in partnership with community members we have awarded $42,000 in scholarships. In the words of one scholarship recipient, “Florence Nightingale once wrote, nursing is, “the finest of fine arts.” How could nursing be compared to art? The art is within your heart, within your hands, within your mind. Providing comfort to the sick, giving of self, through expression of empathy and knowledge, this is art. Thank you for giving me the support, training and money to display my art.”

Preceptor Program for Young Nurses

Dameron Hospital has an excellent preceptor program for young nurses, and Dameron Hospital nurses are currently the highest paid in San Joaquin County. We firmly believe that a dedicated nursing staff committed to the mission, vision and values of Dameron Hosptial will most benefit our patients and their families.

Dameron Hospital puts a great value on our nurses.

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