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Dameron Hospital is committed to the well-being of the women in our community. Through programs we've developed specifically to nurture women of all ages, color, and family situation, we play a leading role in protecting their health and the health of the greater Stockton community.

Today, for example, Dameron Hospital has one of the highest delivery rates in Northern California. This is due in part to the services we offer expectant families during the critical days leading up to and from their newborn's birth. But it's also due to the wider, holistic view of family health we take that begins with our day-to-day OB-GYN services. Whether or not a woman chooses to have children we believe she is entitled to medical education and care that enables her to make informed decisions for herself and her family.

The Alex and Faye Spanos Start of Life Center
This holistic focus is reflected in our Start of Life Center. A generous gift from Alex and Faye Spanos, the Start of Life Center operates on the concept of "Family Centered Care," where birth is treated as a total family experience. From the time an expectant mother experiences her first labor symptoms and arrives at the hospital, through the actual delivery of her child, she receives total maternity care without ever having to leave the pleasant and comfortable environment of her home-style birthing room.

The Labor and Delivery Department is staffed by highly trained Registered Nurses sensitive to both the emotional and medical needs of pregnancies and birth situations. We believe that expectant parents should prepare together for their birth experience. Our early pregnancy/birth planning classes, which we call the Parent Education Program, covers such subjects as:

  • Nutrition
  • The physical and emotional changes of pregnancy relaxation
  • Exercise
  • Choices and options of childbirth
  • Breastfeeding preparation classes
  • Newborn care lessons for expectant and new parent
  • Cesarean birth classes
  • Sibling orientation
  • Teen pregnancy classes

On the day of dismissal, parents attend a Discharge Class to answer last-minute questions before taking their new family member home.

Pediatrics Unit
Our 15-bed unit provides 24-hour care to patients ranging in age from one day old to 13 years old, who may be experiencing an acute illness or injury. We accommodate physicians from throughout the area and maintain a multidisciplinary atmosphere, working closely with all departments in the hospital. A playroom with videos and games is available and we encourage close family members to visit at any time. Limited overnight accommodations are available for a parent.

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