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Become a Member of Our Hospital Family
At Dameron Hospital, volunteers help provide the special touch that can make a patient's stay more comfortable.

Volunteering also offers opportunities for seniors, retirees, professionals, homemakers, and students. Flexible scheduling is available to provide for individual skills and personal needs.

Current Opportunities
Ready to sign up? Take a moment to view a list of current volunteer opportunities at Dameron. » More

The Auxiliary: The Heart of Dameron Hospital
Seniors and retirees may want to learn about opportunities in the Auxiliary Program at Dameron, which has a long and storied history at the hospital. For nearly 50 years, the Auxiliary Program has been the "Heart" of the Dameron Hospital. » More

Why Volunteer?
Volunteering at Dameron is a great opportunity to grow personally while serving a critical need in our community. Our volunteers tell us that their work at the hospital helps them develop new interests, make new friends, and gain personal satisfaction by making a difference in a patient's hospital stay.

All volunteers receive a meal and discounts in the gift shop and other businesses for their service.

Volunteer Benefits
Volunteers at Dameron Hospital receive the following benefits:

  • Volunteer Week Celebration
  • Free meal per shift
  • In-Service Luncheons
  • Discounts on prescriptions, See's candy, amusement parks and other businesses

Requirements to Become a Volunteer
To volunteer at Dameron applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be interested in helping others and meeting new people
  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • TB Skin Tests (PPD), Blood Test and background checks on applicants 18 years of older.
  • If accepted, attend Hospital/Auxiliary/Volunteer Orientation


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Joyce O'Connor
Joyce O'Connor served as seven terms as President, but especially loved her role as "Sunshine Chairman". She was a remarkable woman and valued volunteer for over 30 years. Joyce shared this memory of her Auxiliary service for our web site in 2004. Joyce passed away in 2005.

"In 1960, my youngest child started first grade and my mornings were suddenly free. Back then our lobby was on Lincoln Street. We stood (for four hours!) awaiting an opportunity to deliver a patient, papers, or flowers to a floor. Since then I’ve worked as in escort, menu service, gift cart, coffee cart, information desk, and flowers. I also served as Auxiliary President.

Everyone gets such a feeling of satisfaction from their service... serving others keeps us young at heart."

Become a Volunteer
Contact us today to learn more about either the Volunteer Program or Dameron Auxiliary:

Debbie Grooms
Dir. of Volunteer Services
(209) 461-3152