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Community Health Needs Assessment

Dameron participates in a county collaborative that produces a community health needs assessment (CHNA) every three years. It provides a community profile for San Joaquin County.

The CHNA helps identify needs throughout the community and is used to inform and engage local stakeholders and community members to promote collaborative efforts based on data, community input and group consensus to improve the health of local residents.

Download the full CHNA reports for San Joaquin County here:

2022 San Joaquin County CHNA Report

2019 San Joaquin County CHNA Report

The CHNAs are also available for download, along with other community resources, on the Healthier San Joaquin website at

Dameron Hospital uses the results from the county CHNA reports to develop a community health implementation strategy that addresses key areas of identified community need for the following three years.

2022 Dameron Community Health Implementation Strategy

Annual updates on the results of our community health implementation strategy efforts that address key areas identified in the CHNA are included below.

2020 Dameron Community Health Plan Update Report