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How to support a loved one with breast cancer

When someone we love has breast cancer, knowing what to say or do is hard, and not being able to look into the future is scary. But supporting a loved one with cancer helps their physical and emotional well being during this time. Read more. Source: Adventist Health

Year-round breast cancer prevention

Every October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But there are specific steps women should take year-round to prevent breast cancer. Read more. Source: Adventist Health

Breast cancer: What is my risk?

Like most women, you may find yourself wondering now and then: What are my chances of getting breast cancer? There's no better time than October—National Breast Cancer Awareness Month—to start a conversation with your doctor. Read more. Source: Adventist Health

All about atrial fibrillation (AFib)

Chances are, you’ve heard of AFib — even if you didn’t quite know what it was. But understanding AFib is important, as is recognizing its symptoms.​
Read more. Source: Adventist Health

Everything you need to know about vaccines

Your immune system is your body’s police force. But even the toughest immune system needs reinforcements.​ Read more. Source: Adventist Health

Adult vaccines: Are you up-to-date on yours?

Some things you never outgrow. High on that list is rolling up your sleeve for a shot. Even if you were fully vaccinated as a kid, you still need vaccines as an adult. Learn which adult vaccines you need and when you should get them.​ Read more. Source: Adventist Health

Emergency preparedness: What you family needs to know

Whether your community is preparing for a scheduled power outage, or you could simply use a preparedness refresher, every family should establish a household emergency plan. Here’s what your family needs to know about staying safe this summer.​ Read more. Source: Adventist Health