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Dameron Hospital's Vascular Surgery Program

Dameron Hospital brings a new level of vascular care to the residents of San Joaquin County by leveraging the brightest minds in medicine with advanced surgical techniques. With a team of highly trained vascular specialists, the Dameron Hospital Vascular Surgery Program was developed to provide effective treatments for most circulatory issues.

What is vascular surgery?

In short, vascular surgery encompasses procedures having to do with the body's arteries and veins. The vascular system, also known as the circulatory system, comprises all vessels responsible for carrying blood and lymph through the body. Think of it as the internal plumbing that keeps you going! And like plumbing, if a pipe gets clogged, it can mean disaster for the whole house. The vascular system, though most commonly associated with the heart, plays an important role in the proper function of many other bodily systems, such as respiratory, digestive and urinary — so it's important to keep everything properly flowing!

An extensive range of conditions fall under the category of vascular disease, and many are more common than you may think. Varicose veins, for example, is a condition over 40 million Americans experience. And in addition to causing significant discomfort, varicose veins can pose a serious threat to your health.

The dangers of vascular disease

When a vein becomes varicose, it is twisted and enlarged, prohibiting proper blood flow through the body. And when severe, this can lead to blockages, clots and skin infection. At Dameron, varicose veins can be assessed and treated by our team of skilled surgeons to ensure the condition doesn't worsen.

Vascular disease can lead to additional unforeseen issues such as nonhealing wounds, which are a byproduct of peripheral vascular disease. Caused by reduced blood and oxygen flow, these nonhealing wounds typically present on the body's lower extremities and can become increasingly severe. Signs to look out for before the presence of open sores and ulcers are continued leg pain, swelling, thickened skin and discoloration. Those with histories of smoking, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol or varicose veins are also at higher risk of developing nonhealing wounds.

If left untreated, nonhealing wounds can develop into gangrene, tissue loss — and at its most severe — the loss of a limb. Thankfully, the team at Dameron is here to help stop the progression of vascular disease. Our innovative and highly regarded vascular team offers solutions to these harrowing conditions and many more so that you can continue living with health and wholeness.

For those diagnosed with vascular conditions, it is of the utmost importance that treatment is sought from a skilled professional as soon as possible.

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