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Lodi Memorial Hospital Foundation is helping to bring state-of-the-art cancer and imaging centers to our community

Mentioning the word cancer in a conversation usually brings up a story of a friend or family member who's had to battle the "big C," as it is sometimes called. Many of us are all too familiar with the anxiety and challenges this illness brings. But there's something being done to ease the burden and stop cancer in its tracks right here where we live.

Adventist Health Lodi Memorial and the Lodi Memorial Hospital Foundation have been working together for the last three years to create a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment program for cancer to serve our local community. With approximately $14 million invested by loyal donors and Adventist Health so far, the Adventist Health Cancer Center and Advanced Imaging Center now have state-of-the-art advanced imaging services for the early detection of cancer and advanced cancer treatment options that include the latest linear accelerator for radiation treatment.

Now that this critical service is available here in our community, patients no longer have to leave town for daily treatments that can last for quite some time and face challenges that include unforeseen costs, transportation needs and high levels of anxiety. With all of this in mind, we have been working on providing a comprehensive solution for our patients that covers all of the bases to make it as smooth as possible.
As a starting point, offering enhanced capabilities in cancer screening for early detection can often reduce the need for highly invasive treatment therapies and surgery, which eases the burden on patients and their families. A new patient transportation program is also being established to assist those who have difficulty with coming in for treatment.

The current and final phase of this three-year effort is being used to complete the funding for specialized equipment to diagnose breast cancer in dense breasts. Almost half of all women have dense breasts, and more than 70% of breast cancers occur in dense breasts. In the past, technology was not available to see the early-stage cancers in dense breasts, but the acquisition of the Invenia ABUS device provides a new tool for early detection. If surgery is required, the new Sentimag Tumor Localization System will be used to help surgeons identify precisely where to work.

The new Cancer Center is located at 2047 W. Vine St. adjacent to the West Campus of Adventist Health Lodi Memorial. As a part of the facility update, the interior features large photos printed on metal and the courtyard was refreshed and dedicated to childhood cancer survivor Julia McLoughlin, daughter of Cancer Center Director Travers McLoughlin, MD. The courtyard also has a new fountain donated by Ken Heffel and family in honor of his mother. The facility now provides a peaceful environment for those undergoing treatment.

"The Lodi Memorial Hospital Foundation is completing the Conquering Cancer in Lodi capital campaign to fund the latest equipment addition and support the Patient Transportation Program," says Wayne Craig, president of Lodi Memorial Hospital Foundation. "Having a comprehensive cancer center in Lodi is a blessing to many, and we know the community will step up to partner with us in completing this journey for our friends and family."

Milestones in making the Adventist Health Cancer Center a reality


  • Adventist Health Lodi Memorial commits to creating the premier cancer program in the region, which began with its acquisition of a 3-D mammography system.
  • The Lodi Memorial Hospital Foundation launches the Catch It Early capital campaign to fund all-new imaging equipment.
  • Adventist Health Lodi Memorial commits to remodeling the Advanced Imaging Center (AIC) to accommodate the new equipment and create a tranquil setting for diagnostic imaging.


  • The foundation completes its Catch It Early campaign and donates $2.6 million for the equipment.
  • Adventist Health Lodi Memorial completes the AIC remodel and installs the equipment.
  • The foundation repaints the exterior of the AIC, extends the porch, and installs benches and landscaping.
  • Adventist Health commits more than $10 million to build a new Radiation Oncology program, which includes a new state-of-the-art linear accelerator and PET/CT scannner, the only one in the county.
  • The facility is officially named the Adventist Health Cancer Center.


  • The Cancer Center opens in February and is currently operating at 60% capacity, accommodating more than 20 patients a day.
  • Adventist Health Lodi Memorial purchases the new Invenia ABUS device and Sentimag Tumor Localization System, which will be funded by the Foundation's fundraising campaign.
  • The foundation launches the Conquering Cancer in Lodi capital campaign to raise approximately $500,000.
  • The Foundation refinishes the exterior of the building, purchases new courtyard furniture, and installs a new fountain, stairs and landscaping.
  • The Foundation dedicates the Cancer Center courtyard to Julia McLoughlin.

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