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Cardiac Services

Dameron Hospital's comprehensive cardiac program provides patients with access to a broad range of services for emergency and routine heart care; advanced technology; and highly skilled cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and nurses. Services include:

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Cardiac Surgery Program at Dameron Hospital

Dameron Hospital is bringing a new level of cardiac and thoracic treatment to San Joaquin County by leveraging the brightest minds in medicine with state-of-the-art technology and advanced surgical techniques. Our innovative program offers:

  • Access to breakthrough clinical care and research programs.
  • Minimally invasive cardiac and thoracic surgeries, which result in less pain and shorter recovery times.
  • Fewer physical restrictions after surgery (e.g., patients can drive and lift objects during the recovery process).

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Lumivascular Treatment for PAD

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a common circulatory condition that affects nearly 20 million adults in the U.S. The disease is caused by plaque buildup inside the arteries, resulting in obstruction of blood flow to the lower limbs and feet.

The lumivascular approach identifies and treats PAD in a minimally invasive way. This allows patients to return to normal activities within a matter of days. Traditionally, an x-ray was the only way to see arterial blockages. Now, with lumivascular technology arteries can be seen from the inside.

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Pacific Heart and Vascular Cardiac Care Center

Pacific Heart & Vascular provides advanced, state-of-the-art cardiac and cardiovascular care for patients in the Stockton and Lodi area in California’s Northern Central Valley. Established in 1991, it is an accredited provider of nuclear cardiology and echocardiography services.

Pacific Heart & Vascular’s cardiology team includes physicians that are board certified in cardiovascular disease with additional board certification in the areas of nuclear, echocardiography, arrhythmia management, venous disease and interventional cardiology. These physicians have trained in some of the nation’s most reputable cardiology programs and represent the best of modern heart care practice.

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