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Food and Nutrition Services

Unit Host Meal Service Program

The Food and Nutrition Services Team at Dameron Hospital wants to make sure every meal experience is enjoyable and nourishing for our patients. Dameron Hospital’s Unit Host Meal Service program provides freshly prepared items made to order, from scratch, that we deliver to our patients and their guests to their room.

Each patient room has a restaurant-style menu from which you can select your meal choices. One of our Unit Hosts will come to your room to assist you with your meal choices twice a day; if you don’t feel like ordering, we can send you our Chef’s special for that day. Additionally, our Unit Host service allows you to choose the foods that you enjoy the most, and that comply with the diet order prescribed by your doctor. We believe that when you get to choose your meal, you will eat better, feel better, and go home sooner.

Eating together is a very social event and can be therapeutic as well. Because of this, we also offer guest trays to visitors. We provide the first guest tray free to the loved one of your choice. Additional guest trays are $5.00. Guests must purchase these tickets in the cafeteria in advance.

Also, our Registered Dietitians are available to provide our patients with any information about their diet or other nutritional-related concerns. Just ask one of our nurses for a dietitian consult, if desired.

If you happen to be a patient at Dameron Hospital, our Unit Host meal service program is just another way to offer you comfort and nourishment during your stay, and provide you the opportunity to enjoy additional healing through food.

Café 525 – Raising the bar on cafeteria food

Also available to visitors to the hospital is Dameron’s Café 525, which similar to the room service program, offers freshly prepared items such as made-to-order deli sandwiches, salads, a soup station, a grilling station, and a mosaic area that features daily specials from multiple cultures that are freshly prepared with local ingredients and enticing flavors. Café hours are from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.