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Inpatient Pharmacy

For both inpatient and outpatient support, the pharmacy at Dameron Hospital is your gateway to wellness and healing through drug therapy. Our highly trained professional staff expertly counsels and distributes medications to inpatients. We also provide drug information services to patients and Dameron's medical community and nursing staff.

Inpatient Orders

The pharmacists are available to answer questions and to counsel patients concerning medications that have been prescribed by our doctors. Following each order, the charges for pharmaceuticals on the patient's bill will be itemized and will appear as inpatient charges.

Take-Home Orders | Linacia Pharmacy

Take-home medications (those prescriptions written by the physician for the patient to take home at the time of discharge from the hospital) can be filled at Dameron's Linacia Pharmacy or the pharmacy of your choice.

To learn more about Linacia Pharmacy, go to their homepage by clicking here.