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Nutritional Services

The Food Service Department of Dameron Hospital wants to make your meals as enjoyable as possible. Our Food Service staff is available to help patients with any special needs. Selective menus are provided for those on a regular diet and for most modified diets. Menus to select from are sent with your meal (usually breakfast) and are collected later that day. Patients choose what they wish to eat the next day.

Our Food Service staff is available to help you with any special needs. They visit during rounds and upon special request. If your physician prescribes a special diet for you, the dietitian will help you to understand it. If you must follow the diet at home, the dietitian will give you information on what foods to purchase and suggestions on how to prepare the proper foods. If requested, a complete diet instruction can be provided if ordered by your physician.

Outpatient nutrition counseling with a physician referral can be scheduled. Special arrangements can be made with Nutrition Services for a family member to enjoy a meal with the patient. Arrangements should be made in advance by contacting the Food Service Department or the nursing staff on the floor.

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