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Knee Replacement Surgery

Dameron Hospital's Rapid Strides Accelerated Recovery© Knee Replacement Program uses state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive, team-based approach for faster recovery. Our program offers minimally invasive surgical (MIS) techniques combined with computer-assisted navigation to achieve excellent results for our patients regarding pain relief, mobility and restoring the quality of life.

Key benefits of the program include:

  • Less pain than traditional knee replacement surgery due to an all-encompassing, minimally invasive surgical approach.
  • Decreased joint pain and swelling as a result of multiple anesthetic techniques.
  • Little or no postoperative IV narcotics, which significantly decreases complications.
  • Accelerated recovery time so patients can take their first steps almost immediately after surgery.
  • A shorter hospital stay, as patients are admitted on the day of surgery and are usually discharged on the first postoperative day.

Why does my knee hurt?

Over time, the smooth cartilage in the thighbone, shinbone and kneecap can wear away, leading to arthritis. Without cartilage, these bones rub together, leading to swelling and increased pain during physical activity. Knee replacement surgery is an effective way to reduce knee pain and get back to a more active lifestyle. 

What is total knee replacement?

During total knee replacement surgery, cartilage is replaced with an artificial surface, leaving the knee intact. To cushion the knee, an artificial substitute for the cartilage is inserted using a metal alloy on the end of the femur and tibia. With a new layer of cushion to support knee bones and joints, individuals experience decreased pain and improved knee function. 

Am I a candidate for total knee replacement surgery?

You may be a candidate for total knee replacement surgery if:

  • You experience daily and/or nightly pain in the knee more than three times a week.
  • Physical activity and/or sleep is hindered by knee pain.
  • Daily routines are no longer easy to maintain and overall quality of life is decreased.
  • You meet age, weight and overall orthopedic health considerations during knee replacement surgery consultations.

If you are experiencing knee pain and considering the Rapid Strides program, Dameron Hospital hosts free on-demand information webinars. During these thorough information sessions, patients can weigh their treatment options, gain clarity on whether they are a candidate for the Rapid Strides program, and ask questions about the total knee replacement procedure.

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Free Knee Replacement Surgery Webinar

Is arthritis and knee pain limiting you from doing normal activities? Thinking about a knee replacement to improve the quality of your life? Dameron Hospital’s Rapid Strides Accelerated Recovery© Knee Replacement Program uses state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive, team-based approach to get you back up on your feet in half the time of traditional knee replacements.

Our free informational webinar is available at any time! You can sign up to watch it at this link:

Dameron Orthopedic Webinar

Dr. Mikaelian explains why Rapid Strides is better for the patient