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Occupational Rehabilitation

In our clinic you will find compassionate and dedicated staff, a commitment to help injured workers return to work quickly and safely, and the highest-quality and most cost-effective industrial rehabilitative services in the region. We will partner with you, providing personal and customized service throughout the return-to-work process.


  • Ergonomic and job site analysis.
  • Post-offer and pre-work screening.
  • Employer and employee injury prevention education.
  • On-site consultation, support and work injury management system development.
  • Wellness programs.


  • Aggressive outpatient physical and occupational health.
  • Functional capacity evaluations.
  • Work conditioning and work hardening.

What will we do for you?

Insurance carriers and case managers

  • Functional capacity evaluations that clearly outline the injured worker's current physical abilities as well as consistency of effort. Should the worker need further therapeutic interventions, time-specific recommendations are offered.
  • Outpatient therapies and work conditioning that emphasize returning the worker to his or her employment as quickly and safely as possible. All treatments are active, aggressive and work-oriented.
  • Clear, concise and timely written documentation for outlining objectively a worker's current status, recommendations for a safe return to work, and compliance and motivational indicators.
  • Open setting that welcomes case managers to meet with their clients and confer with the treating or evaluating therapist.


  • On-site ergonomic analysis specialists to assist with workstation design, functional job description development, and modification of duty assignments.
  • Develop functional pre-work screening that adheres to ADA guidelines and detects those individuals unable to carry out the critical physical functions of their work.


  • Active and aggressive evaluations and therapies to restore the injured worker's function.
  • Clear, concise and timely documentation for outlining objectively a worker's current status, recommendations for a safe return to work and compliance and motivational indicators.
  • Consultation that customizes a compliant and cost-effective injury management system.